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Let's discuss how to Develop your Idea

Usually, the Startups we consult are not only Matching Platforms, but any kind of Tech Startup:

Need to start from Scratch, they need guidance to building their Platform

They want to understand which Cloud infrastructure they need, how many people they need to hire, the overall cost to build their Matching Platform.
On top of that, they also want to know how to connect different users based on their preferences, and what Artificial Intelligence options they can implement in their business.

They already have a Platform, but need guidance to expanding it further

Ex. preparing it for Scalability, creating an AI Matching Engine, implementing Security Protocols

Our goal is to help you plan your Cloud architecture to make it less costly and more efficient, protect your data with security protocols, and help you integrate AI models into your business to make it more attractive.


I have not founded a startup yet, I only have an idea:

  • What do I need to build my Platform?
  • How many people should I hire to build my Platform?
  • Does my startup need a Cloud infrastructure?
  • How much will it cost when scaling? How can I approximate the cost?
  • Which kind of Artificial Intelligence can I integrate in my Platform?

I already founded a startup, but need technical guidance:

  • Is my Cloud architecture correct, how can I improve it?
  • I want to minimize costs, what can I do to save?
  • I want to automate customer care with chatbots, which is the simplest way of doing it while spending the least amount of money?
  • I want to automate some parts of my business, which ones can be automated?
  • Which kind of AI can I integrate in my business? How can I save the most and avoid hiring someone to do it?
  • I am planning to scale, how can I make a correct estimation to add to my business plan?
  • I want to implement security in my Cloud architecture, what should I do?

1 Hour