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Business Plan Research

When applying for funding, Venture Capitals and Angel Investors will want to see an accurate business plan. The way you plan to build and scale your platform is a necessary component of the business plan. After assessing your plan and what you want to develop, we will prepare a technical document containing:

  • Why we have made those choices
  • Why we avoided other potential choices
  • Additional recommendation for scalability
  • Necessary diagrams with explanations and workflows
  • Cost estimation
  • We will make the instructions on this document understandable not only for us, but also any other developer that, qualified enough, you may choose to build your solution
  • To avoid misunderstandings, this document will not include code, only developers creating a solution will be deciding how to interact with those systems.


Depending on what you plan to build, we can prepare a document containing specifics on common area of development:

  • Database and Storage – 120 USD
  • Virtual Machines and Containers – 140 USD
  • Predictive Models – 220 USD
  • Chatbots – 130 USD
  • Recommendation System - 320 USD
  • Search Engines - 280 USD
  • Authentication system - 150 USD
  • Security - 180 USD

In the email, list the parts of the technical document you would like us to prepare


1 Hour


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