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Marketing with chatGPT3: AI SEO + AIPRM

The image above, is a screenshot of chatGPT3 writing an article. ChatGPT3 is a FREE bot with human-like written abilities developed by OpenAI. It is able to write articles, poetry, answer general questions and even write code.
If used properly, should allow a company to produce content 5x to 10x as fast. Try it out at this link!

Here are some general resources about chatGPT3:

How to use chatGPT3 for SEO?

AIPRM is a powerful tool that combines the capabilities of chatGPT3 with advanced SEO techniques: AI SEO (AI powered SEO).

SEO are designed to help businesses and individuals improve the visibility and ranking of their websites on search engines such as Google. Businesses are so reliant on this technology that the competition to gain visibility on Search Engine has grown exponentially, making content without proper SEO very difficult to emerge.

What are the benefits of using chatGPT3 in my business?

  • Speed up processes: 5x-10x
  • Write emails instantaneously
  • State-of-the-art translations


  1. How to correctly use chatGPT3? What can I do with it to speed up content creation?
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  9. Are there any specific tools or technologies needed for AI SEO?
  10. Can AI SEO be used for both organic and paid search?

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